Export to Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV with OOo2GD

To export file to Google Docs/Zoho/WebDAV you need first to save file to disk, after this you may export it with one of icons:
1) is export to Google Docs
2) is export to Zoho
3) is export to WebDAV

After you will choose export icon you will see Export window (here example for Google Docs)

In section "Google Docs Account Info" you may provide your user name and password for your account in Google Docs (if you are using normal Google Docs it will be your GMAIL address, if you are using Google Docs as a part of Google Apps for Domain it will be your address in Google Apps).
Checking of checkbox "Remember Password" will cause that OOo2GD will store your user login and password on your computer, thanks to this you will be able to use OOo2GD next time without providing those data.
Configuration button lets you to open Configuration window.

Here description of main elements of window:
1) name of exported file, it will be name of your file
2) mode of exporting file, it may be [new] or [update]. Exporting document with [new] will cause creation of new document in Google Docs with name from 1), exporting document with [update] will cause that your exported document will update (stored as new version) document in Google Docs with name from 1).
OOo2GD will try to help you and will search for most similar name of exported file and will propose updating of this document, in this case if you don't want to update file you need to change 1).
3) denotes that given document should be Autoupdated, what in short means that with this checkbox checked after each save of document new version of it will be uploaded as update to Google Docs
4) refresh list, this button lets you to refresh list of documents presented in 1).